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Digital SLR Camera Flash
Finding the right digital SLR camera flash is quite easy in some respects: it all comes down to cost. Once you decide on a budget, the right flash solution will fall into place. When it comes to digital SLR camera flash, you can spend anywhere from $100 to $10,000 — it just depends on how often you want to use your flash and what you want to use it for. If you hate the look of on-camera flash and want a little something different, then there are plenty of low-cost alternatives to choose from. But if you're trying to set up a professional portrait studio in the baseme..
Canon EOS 1200D review
The entry-level DSLR market has slowed in terms of product releases in recent years. Indeed it's taken three years for Canon to out the 1200D - that's Rebel T5 for our American friends - and while we don't mind waiting for the right kit to come along we do question whether the market has changed unrecognisably in that period of time. The update to 2011's 1100D, the EOS 1200D is all about hitting an accessible price point. A lot of its features mirror that of its pricier, more feature-laden peers from the EOS range but wrapped in a more budget, plastic finish. Performance relatively assur..
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