Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Camera Launches For $1,800

Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Camera Launches For $1,800

Fujifilm has created a new retro styled rangefinder camera which will be available next month with prices starting at around $1,800. The Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Folding Camera uses 120 & 220 Roll Film and is equipped with a Fujinon EBC 80mm f/3.5 Lens and a coupled rangefinder.

The shutter takes the form of an Electronic Belief and offers a shutter speed range from 1/500 sec to 4 sec
and offers bulb with flash synchronisation at all speeds.


Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Camera

The Fujifilm GF670 Rangefinder Folding Camera is a dual-medium format professional camera. It will shoot 6 × 6cm or 6 × 7cm formats, which is selectable via a simple switch (the format cannot be switched mid-roll). The GF670 has an aperture priority automatic exposure mode in addition to its fully manual capabilities. This camera features center-weighted metering and an electronic leaf shutter with speeds ranging from 1/500th to 4 seconds. It also has a Bulb setting and will synch with your flash at any shutter speed.

It has an ISO range of 25 to 3200 which is set manually on a dial at the top of the camera. The GF670 has a built-in EBC Fujinon 80mm f/3.5 Fujinon lens, 35mm equivalent to 40mm in 6 × 7cm format and 44mm in 6 × 6cm format. The lens folds fully into the camera so it is protected when not in use while at the same time providing convenient portability. As with many cameras with a similar design, the lens must be set to infinity before folding it closed, to avoid damage.

It accepts both 120 or 220 roll film and in the 6 × 7cm format, you’ll get 20 exposures on 220 rolls, and 10 exposures on 120 rolls. In 6 × 6cm format, you get 24 exposures on 220 rolls, and 12 exposures on 120 rolls.

Visit the official Fujifilm for full specifications and purchasing options when it launches next month worldwide.

Source: Fujifilm

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