Photography is exciting again.

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PhotoIreland Festival 2017
Dublin, 1
31 May

Launching at The Tara Building on Thu 4th May


PhotoIreland Festival returns this year, now in its 8th edition, bringing to Irish and international audiences a great selection of exhibitions and events. With its move to May from 2017, the PhotoIreland Festival is undergoing a change in its programming aiming to strengthen its unique voice and critical propositions, a change that will slowly become evident in this and future editions. PhotoIreland Foundation presents again this year Ireland’s International Festival of Photography & Image Culture.

Michal Iwanowski, Clear of People
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Michal Iwanowski
Clear of People

At The Tara Building


Introducing the work of Michal Iwanowski, for the first time in Ireland. Michal Iwanowski’s grandfather Tolek, and great uncle Wiktor, escaped from Soviet captivity and crossed over 2000 kilometres on their fugitive journey home in 1945. During the exhibition opening, we will also celebrate the launch of Iwanowski's photobook.

Steven Nestor, Bellum et Pax
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Steven Nestor
Bellum et Pax

Launching at The Tara Building on Thu 4th May


Bellum et Pax is an attempt at universalising the recorded experiences of everday life, those that got lost amongst historical events. It is about making them relatable and alive again, away from plans for super races or economic wonders. Steven Nestor brought these back out of the ether of web commoditisation and is presenting them as a new testimony.

New Irish Works:  Robert McCormack & David T. Smith
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New Irish Works: 
Robert McCormack & David T. Smith

Launching at The Library Project on Sat 6th May


Every month, a special presentation is being hosted at The Library Project for two selected New Irish Works artists at a time. In May, we will present the works of Robert McCormack & David Thomas Smith. You can find our more about the New Irish Works series at


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