Professional 9in1 Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

Professional 9in1 Camera Lens Cleaning Kit
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The Phot-R 10in1 Cleaning Kit consisting of a Hurricane Blower, Lens Cleaning Pen, Microfibre Cloth, 4 Microfibre Fine Cloths, Lens Cleaning Tissue, Cotton Wool Swabs, Spray Bottle. 

Hurricane Blower 
Will safely clear dust from your sensor. It works fantastically well for removing dust specks off lenses, sensors and SLR mirrors without touching/damaging the surfaces. It fits comfortably in your hand and delivers a strong blast of air as it cleans. 

Lens Cleaning Pen 
Essential 2-in-1 accessory for removing dust, smudges and oily finger prints from your lenses. Firstly remove the dust from your lens using the retractable lens cleaning brush made from soft bristles then use change over to the opposite side of the pen where the tip contains a special non-liquid compound to clean your lens. 

Microfibre Cloth 
Safe to use on all surfaces such as Digital Camera Housings, Camcorders, Mobile Phones, DVDs, and is ideal for cleaning your camera body and LCD screen. 

Microfibre Fine Cloths 
Can be used on camera sensor, lenses and all surfaces such as Digital Camera Housings, Camcorders, Mobile Phones, DVD's and LCD screens. (x4) 

Silicone-Free Lens Cleaning Tissue 
Soft gentle tissue-paper allows removal of dirt and dust particles, allowing effective camera lens cleaning. 

Cotton Wool Swabs 
Ideal for removing dirt and dust from plastic and metal materials. (x5) 

Spray Bottle 
Reusable bottle which you can fill up with your cleaning solution. Please note this bottle will be empty.

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