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160 LED Video Light Lamp Panel Dimmable
Features 160-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser. Rotate switch for on/ off and bright..
260 LED Video Light Lamp Panel Dimmable 18W
260 LED Video Light Lamp Panel 18W 2100LM Dimmable for Canon Nikon Pentax DSLR Camera Video Camcorde..
298 LED MTL-900 Pro II Video Light Remote Control 3200K-5600K
298PCS LED beads with high CRI(RA>88), low heat and long service life. Portable and compact degisn, ..
32 LED Mini Powerful 5600K Photo Video Light LED Lamp
S60 is a mini, ultrathin newly designed LED fill light, with the inside made of specific integrated ..
36LED Camera Video Light
LED36 Video Light is excellent for macrophotography, product shooting, and video recording, etc. Thi..
36LED WanSen Camera Light Video
Fill light Application:  Fill light indoor photography, wedding photography fill light, ne..
66LED Video Light
Features: a. Portable Handheld 66 PCS 5500K LED beads Magic Tube Light as Ice Light b. CRI90+, 180..
680S LED Photo Studio Video Light Panel 3200K/5500K
680S LED studio light is the new generation production which adopts the newest touching panel techno..
800 LED Photo & Video Studio Light Lamp 3200K-5500K
The Excelvan 800 LED studio light is the new generation green high-tech production which is with arr..
96 LED Video Light Photography Lights
This 96 light is suitable for all digital SLRs and DV video camcorders, enhanced with new features e..
CN-AC2 AC Power Adapter for CN160 CN126 YN160 YN300 II LED Light
This power supply adapter set is designed for CN-126, CN-160 and CN-216. This Device Can Transfor..
Godox 64 LED Camera Video Light
The LED64 video light is excellent for wedding, macrophotography, product shooting, photojournalisti..
NP-F970 6pcs AA Battery Case Pack Power
FALCON EYES 6pcs AA Battery Case Pack Power as NP-F970 for LED VIDEO LIGHT Panels or Monitor ..
5400K Pro CN-76 LED Video Lamp Light for Canon Panasonic Nikon Camera DV Camcorder This item contai..
Yongnuo AC Adapter Power Supply Charger for YN160 III YN168 YN216 YN360 YN300 Air LED
Specification   Input: 100-240V   50/60Hz 0.6Amax Output: 12V -2000mA Desktop Charger:..
Yongnuo YN-160 III LED Light
Description:  It is formed by 96 lamp beads with 3200K color temperature and another 96 lamp..
Yongnuo YN-168 LED Light
Yongnuo YN-168 168pcs LED Studio Video Light For Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder DSLR Yongnuo YN-168 L..
Yongnuo YN-300 AIR PRO LED Lamp
Features: 1.Adopts SMD LED as light source which provides soft light and wide illuminating angle,..
Yongnuo YN-300 III LED Lamp
YN300 III is formed by 300 lamp beads with extra-large luminous area. In the same energy consumption..
Yongnuo YN-300 LED Lamp
Yongnuo YN-300 LED Video Light Lamp for Canon Nikon Sony Camera DV Camcorder The camera light is ..
Yongnuo YN-360 Pro LED Light
39.5cm long lamp panel for fill-in light More convenient with Wireless Mobile Remote Control functi..
YONGNUO YN128 LED Portable Light
YN128 is a new portable beautify LED light specially designed for live video and selfie. YN128 adopt..
Yongnuo YN600S Pro LED Video Light 3200K-5500K with 4400mAh Battery
YN600S is a LED video Light designed and developed by YONGNUO. This light adopts the classic appeara..
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