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1/4" Screw Reflector Camera Holder Flex Arm  Studio Light Stand Clamp Clip
This item will clamp onto almost anything, and is designed to support a wide variety of cameras,phot..
1/4″ 3/8″ Thread Super Clamp Crab Plier Clip
The super clamp is a very versatile and useful tool especially for holding LCD field monitor and DSL..
10pcs Photo Studio Paper Canvas Muslin Background Clip
Used for clipping paper, canvas and muslin backdrops to a crossbar. Toothed area below jaw ends..
C Clamp Holder Light Stand & Clip Holder for Backdrops Reflectors
C-Clamp with spring clip holder has many different applications within the studio. The C-clamp can b..
Clamp Clip Holder for Reflector Background Light Stands
Studio Clamp with a Light Stand Attachment is a very handy mounting adapter that attaches to a stand..
Clip 4 in 1 Studio Photo Background Paper Muslin
Background Muslin Clamp is essential for any photography studio. These have immensely strong grippin..
Clip Photo Studio Background
Item features: Easy to assemble and use, which just attach the reflector or background to the stand..
Clip Studio Photo Background Paper Muslin
Background Muslin Clamp is essential for any photography studio. These have immensely strong grippin..
Clip-on Mic Microphone for GoPro HERO
Description: Commlite CoMica Lavalier Microphone CVM-V01GP is specially designed and used for GoPro..
Double Clamp - Light Stand Boom Arm Crossbar Pole Studio Background
Double Super Clamp is a unit of two Super Clamps made of lightweight cast alloy, fastened together a..
Double Dual 2 C Clamp Clip Light Stand Boom Arm Reflector
 Double C-Clamp has many different applications within the studio. It can be clamped onto light..
HD360 8X Zoom Clip-on Telescope  Lens For Smart Phone
Are you a social media aficionado who likes to post pictures of everything you do? How about someone..
Light Stand Clamp Clip Flex Arm C Clamp Reflector Camera Holder
The Clamp & Flex Arm with C-Clamp will clamp on to virtually anything in your photo studio to pr..
Metal Clip Clamp 1/4 Screw Ball Head
This clamp is specially designed to fit most Camera It is easy to use and can clamp onto virtually ..
Metal Heavy Duty Clips
The background clamps are perfect for securing your muslins to your background stands. These clamps ..
Mini Electric Panorama Rotating Tripod Head Phone Clip
Precise and Smooth Movement: Adjusting the ball head by the remote control from 2 to 5 circles per m..
Mobile Phone Camera Zoom Lens Kit Clip
Premium Quality: Made from environmental friendly ABS material and upgraded multi-layer coated gl..
Studio Photo Light Stand Heavy Duty Clamp Clip
Handy Item allows you to mount lights or accessories quickly. The clip is aluminum, the stud is chro..
Waist Belt Buckle Button Mount Clip
A solution for quick shoot. Quick mount and quick take off your camera.Makes carrying camera easy a..
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