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 80cm Octagonal  Softbox Light Stand Kit
This kit consists of the following items: 2x Professional Octagon Softbox's - 80cm&nb..
Ex Tax: 81.30€
1/4 inch Screw Tripod Mini Ball Head Light Bracket
This ball head adapter fits onto a standard accessory shoe and locks into position Ball head can be..
Ex Tax: 8.00€
1/4" Screw Reflector Camera Holder Flex Arm  Studio Light Stand Clamp Clip
This item will clamp onto almost anything, and is designed to support a wide variety of cameras,phot..
Ex Tax: 21.00€
1000W Quartz Halogen Light Photography Studio Video
Ex Tax: 105.00€
Based on 1 reviews.
100x150cm Green Blue Collapsible Light Ellipse Background
The Backgroun Collapsible Blue/Green 100x150cm reversible / collapsible backgrounds are widely ..
Ex Tax: 65.00€
10W PIR LED Outdoor Lights
Wattage:10W pir model(with sensor) LED Quantity:COB LEDs Light color:Warm white/Cool white Input ..
Ex Tax: 22.00€
110cm x 43 inch 5 in 1 Light Reflector Disc
Adding dimension to your subject, whether a product or a portrait, is easy with this medium sized re..
Ex Tax: 30.00€
1200W Photography Studio Flash Kit 2 x 600w LED Strobe Lighting set
This set includes 2 x 600w LED Flash Heads total 1200w. Bowens fit, 2 x 280cm Heavy Weight Light S..
Ex Tax: 280.00€
12pc Strobist Flash Color Lighting Gel Pop Up Filter
12 pieces Color Gel Filters for lighting effects and color correction. Cut to fit most Flash mo..
Ex Tax: 8.00€
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12V Car Cigarette Lighter Plug
Connect directly to your 12-volt or 24-volt adapter. Extend the reach of your favorite 12-volt or 2..
Ex Tax: 14.00€
15 x 20cm Light Diffuser Softbox
~~This Camera Flash Diffuser Softbox (15cm x 20cm) can diffuse and soften the light, Eliminate red e..
Ex Tax: 15.00€
150x200cm Black White Collapsible Light Ellipse Background
Stunning backdrops make super shots This 2 x 1.5m Double Sided White & Black Collapsible Muslin..
Ex Tax: 105.00€
150x200cm Collapsible Light Ellipse Background
Contents: 1x (1.5x2m), double-sided, folding background, 1x 68cm diameter bag Portable: Muslin back..
Ex Tax: 105.00€
150x200cm Green Blue Collapsible Light Ellipse Background
The Backgroun Collapsible Blue/Green 59" x 79" (150x200cm) reversible / collapsible backgrounds are ..
Ex Tax: 105.00€
160 LED Video Light Lamp Panel Dimmable
Features 160-LED lights for optimum illumination and diffuser. Rotate switch for on/ off and bright..
Ex Tax: 45.00€
180W Studio Photo Flash Strobe Light Lamp
180W Studio Photo Flash Strobe Lamp is designed for studio photographers seeking a high quality entr..
Ex Tax: 65.00€
18cm Bowen Strobe Light Reflector
Light aluminum reflector for studio monolight strobes with Bowens mount. The silver inner surface e..
Ex Tax: 15.00€
18cm Bowen Strobe Light Reflector With Honeycomb
The highlighted part is round, strong shining effect. The shadow part is prominent and deep. The lig..
Ex Tax: 24.00€
18cm Elinchrom Strobe Light Reflector
Outside: Black matte finish Inside: Silver color Sand finish Diameter: 18cm Out / 17cm Inner Dept..
Ex Tax: 25.00€
1x Redhead Red Head Lighting Video Light 800w Studio
  Package Include: 1 x focus adjustable Redhead light base (Flood..
Ex Tax: 80.00€
2.8 m Light Stand Tripod for Photo Studio Video Lighting
Made of Refined Aluminum Tube and Plastic Connector Very Light and Convenient to Carry . Stable &a..
Ex Tax: 30.00€
2400W Redhead Red Head Focus Lighting Light Stand Black White Green Backdrop Kit
This 2400W red head lighting with dimmer switch backdrop stand kit will give you powerful lighting y..
Ex Tax: 320.00€
2400W-Redhead Continuous Lighting Kit
2400W Redhead Continuous Lighting 3x800W Video Photo Red Head Light Focus Kit Professional Photog..
Ex Tax: 270.00€
250W Lamp Light Earthed. Strobe lights.
The flash head can be attached to any light stand and has a built in umbrella holder. The front dia..
Ex Tax: 75.00€
260 LED Video Light Lamp Panel Dimmable 18W
260 LED Video Light Lamp Panel 18W 2100LM Dimmable for Canon Nikon Pentax DSLR Camera Video Camcorde..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
270W Backdrop 2 Umbrellas 2 Softbox  Lighting Kit
1 BACKGROUND SUPPORT SYSTEM: 2.6 x 3m (8.5x10ft) background support frame, comprised of 2 tripod sta..
Ex Tax: 310.00€
298 LED MTL-900 Pro II Video Light Remote Control 3200K-5600K
298PCS LED beads with high CRI(RA>88), low heat and long service life. Portable and compact degisn, ..
Ex Tax: 150.00€
2m Light Stand Tripod
This 2m light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy. Strong enough to hold most equipment yet com..
Ex Tax: 25.00€
3-in-1 56cm Handheld Collapsible Triangle Reflector
The 56cm/22" 3 Colour Triangular Reflector replaces the traditional round reflector with a uniq..
Ex Tax: 20.00€
30 to 60cm Soft Light Tent Studio Kit
Professional Photography Studio Setting for Perfect Shooting This Professional studio light tent ki..
Ex Tax: 80.00€
3000W Quartz Halogen Light Photography Studio Video Softbox Kit
Professional Photography Studio Flash Setting for Perfect Shooting This Professional 3000W Total (3..
Ex Tax: 420.00€
Based on 1 reviews.
30cm 12" 2in1 Light Collapsible Hollow Reflector
The 2-in-1 Hollow Collapsible Reflector is versatile in the field and in the studio, providing shado..
Ex Tax: 10.00€
30cm x 12 inch 5 in 1 Light Reflector Disc
Adding dimension to your subject, whether a product or a portrait, is easy with this medium sized re..
Ex Tax: 15.00€
32 LED Mini Powerful 5600K Photo Video Light LED Lamp
S60 is a mini, ultrathin newly designed LED fill light, with the inside made of specific integrated ..
Ex Tax: 25.00€
320W Studio Strobe Lighting Kit
This Excelvan professional kit is perfect for advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientifi..
Ex Tax: 200.00€
360w Studio Flash Lighting set 2x180w Light Kit
This is a new photo studio lighting kit. Ultra compact design making this kit the best choice when s..
Ex Tax: 210.00€
36LED Camera Video Light
LED36 Video Light is excellent for macrophotography, product shooting, and video recording, etc. Thi..
Ex Tax: 20.00€
36LED WanSen Camera Light Video
Fill light Application:  Fill light indoor photography, wedding photography fill light, ne..
Ex Tax: 20.00€
3m Heavy Duty Light Stand Tripod
Heavy Duty Studio Light Stand 300cm10ft spring Cushioned Master Stacking top q..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
3m Light Stand Tripod
The  Professional Light Stand, it is a very useful accessory for photography, you can mount man..
Ex Tax: 30.00€
4 COLORS 3200K TO 5600K Diffuser Lighting Gel Color Filter
THIS ACTION IS FOR 800W red head filter to change the daylight 3200k. We have 4 colors: blue, white,..
Ex Tax: 28.00€
4 in 1 E27 Expand Lighting Lamp Bulbs Holder Adapter
Universal lamp holder The holder adaptor can input the E27 Screw Bulb 4 in 1 studio E27 lamp socke..
Ex Tax: 23.00€
4200w 3 x Softbox DOUBLE DIFFUSION Lighting Set
The kit is ideal for making product shots or Portraiture and doesn't want the complication of flash...
Ex Tax: 230.00€
45cm Circular Round Softbox Flash Light
Features: Outer Diameter: Approx. 45cm/ 17.72" Inner Diameter: Approx. 18.5cm/ 7.28'' Lens Open..
Ex Tax: 27.00€
45W E27 Slave Flash Lights
NEW Indoor 220V 45W photo AC slave studio flash strobe light bulb A45S E27 GN28 AC Slave Flash is..
Ex Tax: 30.00€
45w Flash Strobe Light Stand Umbrella Kit
This brand new professional portable photo studio 90W (total) flash strobe umbrella lighting kit is ..
Ex Tax: 75.00€
5 Head Unit Soft Box Bulb
Soft Box Dimensions: 60cm × 90cm Total 950W Equivalent Power Output 5 Head Total 5 Bulbs on Softbo..
Ex Tax: 70.00€
5/8" Light Stand Attachment with  C-Clamp
5/8" Light Stand Attachment with C-Clamp  has many different applications within a studio or a ..
Ex Tax: 12.00€
504 2 x LED Photo Studio Video Light Panel
 Features: a. Adopt Touching Operating Panel Modes. It is easy and convenient to operate. Fit ..
Ex Tax: 205.00€
504 2 x LED Photo Studio Video Light Panel Kit
The PT-504S can mount to any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital video cameras as well as trip..
Ex Tax: 220.00€
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