Yongnuo RF-603 C1 ll Flash Trigger

Yongnuo RF-603 C1 ll Flash Trigger
Yongnuo RF-603 C1 ll Flash Trigger Yongnuo RF-603 C1 ll Flash Trigger Yongnuo RF-603 C1 ll Flash Trigger
Brand: Yongnuo Digital
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Enhance your capabilities and digital photography with this multifunctional RF-603 wireless radio flash trigger set. The set consists of two remote control transceivers which can be used as either a receiver or transmitter to provide wireless and synchronized flashes and shutter release. This set will allow you to perform functions such as continuous shooting, auto focus, long exposure and more. Get creative with your camera and photography with the RF-603 Flash Trigger Set!

1. Works as a wireless shutter release control
- Auto focus, continuous shooting, long exposure, half-way pressing, full-way 
pressing is supported 
- Depending on the camera model a special shutter release cable is included in the package

2. Transceiver based system - works as a wireless flash trigger and receiver
- Each RF-603 is designed to work as trigger and as receiver. The unit automatically detects 
the mode it should work in. You have the full flexibility out of your gear.
- As a receiver it fires off-camera flashes which are placed on the hot shoe of the transceiver.
- Additionally the transceivers PC Sync connector can be used to fire studio strobes. Required
cables to 3.5mm (1/8"), 6,35mm (1/4") can be purchased from us.
- Wake up function: Mount the transmitter into hot shoe of the camera, connect the receiver
with the flash, press half-way the shutter button to wake up the flash at the same time,
the green signal light will be bright for some seconds and then press shutter button completely
to fire the flash. This "Wake up" function is only supported for flashes which have a 
sleep mode.
- As a trigger the RF-603 can be placed in the cameras hot shoe or if you wish be connected with
the camera by a PC Sync cable. In the latter case you are free to mount an additional flash 
- One transceiver can trigger more than 1 flash at the same time. You would have to buy
additional transceivers for 2 or more flashes, since you need one transceiver as a trigger 
and one or more transceivers as receivers.

3. Wirelessly trigger studio flashes
- Using a PC Sync cable the transmitter can wirelessly and synchronously trigger your studio
strobes. Required cables to 3.5mm (1/8"), 6,35mm (1/4") can be purchased from us.

Package Content :
1 X Transmitter
1 X Receiver
1 X Manual
1 X Cable

Brand Yongnuo
Model RF-603
Type FSK 2.4GHz Wireless Remote System
Transmitter Distance 100 m
Channel 15 difference channels and
Release Half-way press & Full-way press
Transmitter Port PC Sync
Receiver Port PC Sync (2.5mm for shutter release)
Time of Shooting Up to 20,000 times
Receiver Stand-by Time Up to 45 hours (using AAA batteries)
Dimensions 37mm X 30mm X 81.5mm

Suitable for Cameras :
- C1 : Canon - 60D 70D 1000D 1100D 700D 650D 600D 550D 500D 450D 400D 350D 300D
Pentax - K20D K200D K10D K100D
Samsung - GX-20 GX-10

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