Reward Points

All our products have reward points.  Each time when you buy something from our internet shop, you receive some amount of reward points, you always can find amount of reward points what are  you receiving if you look little bit up from the price, also if you look little bit down, you will find price of product in reward points.

How it Works!!!!
1.    Place your order in to the shopping cart.
2.    Go to shopping cart, press checkout, if you are new customer and you want register with us choose -  Register Account, if you are Registered with us  simply –just  login.
Notice: if you are not registered with us -  you not receiving reward points !!!
3.    Fill  up all forms, Your Personal Details, Billing Details, Delivery Details, Delivery Method, Payment Method.
4.    On Payment Method you can choose different methods:   Bank Transfer, when you finish transfer let us know that you made payment and let us know your name and surname, your address,Order ID​ with message on 086-738 98 02. Cheque / Money Order: don't forget to write us remaining  for what is the payment made,  you name and surname, your address and  Order ID. 
5.    Once payment is cleared, admin of internet shop will add your reward points to your account.
6.    So when you collect enough points for to buy something, make all procedure as you do when you buy something, only you press Shopping cart under the search form. Under product you can find different type of discount,choose reward points, it will show to you how many points you have on your account and you type, how many reward points you want to spend.​
7.    Continue 
8.    Sorry but you need to pay for shipping, or you can pick up from our office your order!!!!​

Best Regards From PhotoClub7910.