This small compact camera charger kit is ideal for a replacement or spare charger. Never run out of charge and with the car charger provided you can charge you battery on the go.
1. Slim and portable design, easy to carry
2. Smart LED charging status indicator.(Red: Charging, Green: Fully Charged)
3. AC Desktop Wall Charger Input: AC 100 ~ 240V  
4. Designed to quickly and safely charge digital camera and camcorder battery
1. Input Voltage:AC 100V-240V,50-60Hz,Max 150 mA
2. Output Voltage:DC 4.2V(8.4V) 600mA 
3. Dimensions:
Travel Charger: 3.31 x 1.81 x 1.50 inch / 8.4 x 4.6 x 3.8 cm (L x W x H)
Car Charger : 2.99 x 0.79 x 0.79 inch / 7.6 x 2 x 2cm (L x W x H)
Car Charger  Cable Length:45.28 oz / 115 cm
Package:2.95 x 1.81 x 5.71 inch / 7.5 x 4.6 x 14.5 cm (L x W x H)
4. Color:Black
5. Weight:3.95 oz / 112 g
6. Compatible Models With:Canon BP-511

Compatible Models/PN: BP-511 Battery for CanonBP-511BatteryforCanonCanon EOS-Digital RebelEOS Digital RebelCanon DM-FV300 KITCanon EOS-Digital RebelEOS Digital RebelDM-FV300 KITDM-FV40 KITDM-MV30DM MV30DMMV30DM-MV400DM MV400DMMV400DM-MV400iDM MV400iDMMV400iDM-MV430DM MV430DMMV430DM-MV450DM MV450DMMV450DM-MV450iDM MV450i,DMMV450iDM-MV600DM MV600DMMV600DM-MVX1iDM MVX1iDMMVX1iEOS KISSKISS DIGITALEOS-10DEOS 10DEOS-10D,Digital SLREOS-1DEOS 1DEOS-5DEOS 5DEOS-20DEOS 20DEOS-30DEOS 30DEOS-40DEOS 40DEOS-50DEOS 50DEOS-300DEOS 300DEOS-D30EOS D30EOS-D60EOS D60FV100FV 100FV200FV 200FV30FV 30FV300 KITFV300KITFV300FV 300,FV40 KITFV40KITFV40FV 40FVM1FV M1FVM10FV M10IXY DVMMV100XiMV300MV 300MV-300MV300iMV 300iMV-300i,MV30iMV 30iMV-30iMV400MV 400MV-400MV400iMV 400iMV-400iMV430iMV 430iMV-430iMV450iMV 450iMV-450iMV500MV 500MV-500MV500iMV 500iMV-500iMV530iMV 530iMV-530iMV550iMV 550iMV-550iMV590MV 590MV-590MV600MV 600MV-600MV600iMV 600iMV-600iMV630iMV 630iMV-630iMV650iMV 650iMV-650iMV700MV 700MV-700MV700iMV 700iMV-700i,MV730iMV 730iMV-730iMV750iMV 750iMV-750iMVX100iMV X100iMVX150iMV X150iMVX1iMV X1iMVX2iMV X2iMVX3iMV X3iCanon MVXliOptura 10Optura 100MCOptura 100 MCOptura 20Optura 200MCOptura 200 MCOptura 50MCOptura 50 MCOptura PiOptura XiPowerShot G1Powershot G1PowerShot G2PowerShot G2PowerShot G3PowerShot G5PowerShot G5 ProPowerShot G6,PowerShot Pro1PowerShotPro90 ISPV130PV 130PV-130ZR-10ZR10ZR-20ZR20ZR-25MCZR25MCZR-30MCZR30MCZR-40,ZR40ZR-40AZR40A

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Canon BP-511 BP508 Charger for Canon

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