This lighting kit includes everything you need to get started in studio lighting. Ideal for many lighting set-ups from product shots to portraiture. It can be set-up and conveniently stowed in the carry case.

Flash Photography: is not as complicated as it used to be. In the film days photographers would have to take Incidence Light readings and need to know about technical stuff like Inverse Square Law. One also needed to take pretty goods notes as I remember rightly because it would be days before the results came through. Now you just click and away and see the results immediately on the cameras LCD screen, then change your set-up accordingly.

This is primarily a flash light kit. It also comes with continuous modeling bulbs. The modeling bulbs are there to help you see where the light is going to fall when you take the shot. 

Detail of each lamps
In each box
1 x 180w flash bulb
1 x Modeling bulb
1 x Sync Cord (5m)
1 x Power cable UK

Power: 180w (More than enough for digital)
Variable power range 1/8 - full power
Continuous modeling light
220v UK power.
Colour Temperature 5500K - 5600K
Angle of Illumination is 55 degrees
Recycle time 2 5 seconds at full power. 1 second at half power.
Guide number 48GN
CE Certified Product.

This set includes
3 x 180w Lamps total 540w (Earthed for use in the UK)
3 x 190cm Light Stands (these have sprung dampeners) 
2 x 50 x 70 Softbox.
1 x White shoot-through Umbrellas (Soft light)
1 x Silver Umbrella (Hard light)
1 x Barn doors set with Gels and honeycomb
1 x 4Ch Trigger set (no batteries required in receiver)
1 x carry case (Heavily padded)

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540w Studio Flash Lighting set 3x180w Light Kit

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