Compatible with Nikon DF D5500 D3200 D3100 D3300 D5000 D5100 D5200 D5300 D7000 D7100 D600 D610 D750 D90


Master Mode
1. TTL flash
2. Support HSS, the High Speed Sync
3. Guide Number 56 (ISO 100, 180mm)
4. Wireless Slave Unit Function
5. Flash Modes :support TTLM, FEBSlaveS1S2Multi
6. Auto and Manual Zooming Head18--180mm
7. S1.S2 Light flashing mode
8. Flash control by Camera(Only for the newest Nikon Version)
9. Rear-curtain Sync
10. Voice prompt
11. PC Sync Port
12. Quick response: Full output recycle time only 2.9 seconds
13. Support high speed continuous shooting: ln 1/16 brightness and blew, It can support 12EPS high speed continuous shooting.

a.    High-Speed Flash  
Under the light output level of 1/16 or below, it can support the 12 pictures per second
b.    TTL Flash with Powerful Guide Number---GN56 @ ISO100, 180mm, support TTL, M, FEB, Slave, S1, S2, Multi
c.    Comprehensively Support TTL Functions
FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Nikon camera menu accessible 
d.    Light Flashing Mode S1 S2
When need to form a flash unit off-camera flash. You can set the slave light in S1 or S2. When use S1, S2 mode, the sensor against the master lights by rotating flash head.
e.    Multiple Trigger More Supported
The KF-590EXcan be triggered by hot shoe, flash command slave mode, optical S1 and S2 (pre-flash-canceled mode).
f.     Auto and Manual Zoom Functions:
Has 18-180mm focal length, supports full-frame / half-frame camera
g.    Super Speed Charging Recycle-- It only takes 2.9 seconds to finish a charging cycle after a full level output,
      you can even use external power pack to accelerate the charging speed.
h.    Voice Prompt System
     Open to the sound prompts, the flash will prompt work state, so you can focus on the creative process (Note: the sound can be turned off).
i.    The Finer Output Control
The adjustment range of output level is 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128
j.      Wireless Slave Unit Function:
Compatibility with the Nikon wireless flash system, realize TTL from machine, manual and frequency flash
k.    Advanced Settings On Flash
The KF-590EX II has advanced options setting function, where you can self-define the functions of the flashlight on your own requirements.
l.      Stroboscopic Flash
Multi mode allows firing a series of rapid flashes with a shutter release to produce a stroboscopic effect in the resulting picture.
It's often used to show different phases of movement of a cyclist, skateboarder or gymnast

m.  Wireless Flash Function
With multiple speedlite having the wireless flash feature, you can create various lighting effects with the same ease as using normal TTL auto flash
n.    Rear-curtain Sync Settings
With a slow shutter speed, you can create a light trail following the subject, the flash fires right before the shutter closes.
o.    Multi-lamp Lighting Applications
Wireless lighting light & Wireless induction lighting light
p.    Bounce Flash
When the flash head illuminate the subject, bounce flash can reduce the shadows around the subject and get more natural photographic effects.
q.    High Speed Continuous Shooting Function
Under the light output level of 1/16 or below, it can support the 12 pictures per second
r.     Custom Function Settings
You can follow your shooting preference custom flash function.
s.    Automatically Save Function
The KF-590EXcan automatically save your current operating settings to facilitate the next time you boot.
t.     New PC Synchronous Port:
It makes things easier on lightening the flashlight synchronously by using PC synchronous line.
u.    Large-Size LCD display
v.    New Charging Socket for External Power Pack
w.   Overheating Protection:
x.    The Improved power saving mode


Model KF-590 EX-N
Circuit design Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Guide No. 56 (IOS 100,180mm)
Flash coverage 18~180mm
Manual, Automatic Zoom
Swinging/Tilting flash head(bounce flash)
Flash Mode TTL, M, FEB, Slave, S1, S2, Multi
The wireless trigger Wireless induction flash lighting
The wireless cited flash distance Indoor 20~30 meters
Outdoors 10~15 meters
Up and down whirl angle degree ?7~90 degree
Left and right whirl angle degree 0~180 degree
Slave Group and unit 4 Slave lommunication channels(1234),
3Slave unit group (A,B,C)
Color temperature 5500K
Flash Control 1/128~1/1 step length is 0.3EV, Total 2 fine-tuning stalls
Peripheral interface Hot shoe, PC mount, External charge mount
Recycle time 2.9 seconds
Power 4 pcs AA alkaline cell or AA Nickel--Hydrogen (NI-MH) battery
Lighting time 100~1500 times
Additianal function PC synchronous, Sniff mode, Over temperature protection
Volume 200*75*57mm
Net Weight 375g


Package Included:

1x K&F Concept KF-590EX TTL E-TTL Flash Speedlite Flash for Nikon SLR cameras(Does not include battery)
1 X Protect bag
1 x Flash Diffuser
1 x Mini Stand
1x Instruction Manual

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K&F Concept KF-590EX-N i-TTL TTL Pro Wireless Speedlite Slave Unit for Nikon

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